Server Patch Notes

Last Updated: 2019-07-05


Cleaned up the patch notes and styled the blog in general.


Added company LinkedIn to the Press Kit.


Fight with fellow gladiators in the arena fight. The easy monsters have been removed, so step up to the challenge!


Updated the Multiplayer and Monetization blog posts.


Cure Wounds now needs a free hand to cast.


Fixed a broken Play Store link! Also updated the in-game "What's New" to mention starting equipment.


Starting equipment!


Monetization blog post and bug fix.


Happy Father's Day! This year, you can fight the 'evil boss' version my father. Let's Party with Marty!

He's nice showcase of the new dwarf race, and as a cleric of nature, he's an example of the way you'll be able to configure your build even more in the future.


Updated the website and What's New? pop-up for v1.3.3.


Pick your kindred! You no longer have to be a human. Each kindred bring something unique to the table.

    Playable Kindred:
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Halfling
  • Gnome
  • Kobold
  • Half Orc
  • Half Elf
  • Human

Humans are still the default. App versions v1.3.0 and later will work with this version. Some evil kobolds are planning to ambush you in the arena as well!


We finally hit the big v1.0.0! In general, we try our best not to break, old apps, but we've had such fundamental changes this time around now that all of the older apps will stop working with this update. Sorry for any, inconvenience this causes.

Danger World now requires an account to play and we've updated our Privacy Policy accordingly.

With this, the web demo is now gone. Danger World may return to be playable on this site one day, but for now we're focusing on the app experience.


We've updated our Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use and our End User License Agreements.

We are deprecating v1 of our API, which was only used in beta builds. Since we've been live on the app stores for a few months now, we're prompting anyone still playing a beta version to go check out the fully released app in their app store.


Frank the Fighter blog post.


RSS posts contain the full body of the blog post, for anyone that wants to read the content in their RSS reader.


The website now has this blog!


Updated the website to announce the game's availability on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!


We'll probably backfill this as we go.

For now, we're going to skim over the tiny version bumps that aren't very interesting. We'll play it by ear depending on how people like this.

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