Welcome to Danger World!

Last Updated: 2019-04-26

Taormina Innovations is proud to present Danger World, a new fantasy text adventure game. Danger World is available on iOS and Android. Play with the new generation of interactive fiction as you read onward.

This is the beginning of the Danger World blog. Instead of having an 'About' page, I'm going to try something different. The Danger World blog is going to act as a living document to tell both the past and future of Danger World.

As an example, one of our blog articles coming up is going to be on the character customization options that we'll be working on. As time goes on and we implement these features, I'll be going back to the old articles to both update everyone on what happened and to start talking about our new goals!

We have an RSS feed!

Any feedback? Let me know at feedback@danger.world