App Patch Notes

Last Updated: 2019-08-28


Fixed a bug with notifications! Head to your avatar if you want to change your push notification settings.


New and improved homepage! Multiplayer is now front and center. Go to your avatar to turn on notifications if you want to really bring your multiplayer games to life!


Cleaned up the interface. Fixed an avatar creation bug.


Multiplayer is here! You can now adventure together with your friends. Invite your friends to join you using your gamer tag.


The game screen has animations now! When you submit your move, the game will start moving the screen for you. There's also now a button for scrolling down after you've been reading your game history to speed things up.


New logo!


Starting equipment! Pick what gear you want to start with. On the 'Escape the Goblins' level, you'll need to find your equipment first.


Fixed the app URL.


Pick the kindred of your avatar! Now you don't have to be human. Each kindred brings unique options, so try them all out!


Fixing the avatar name input field.


Create your own avatar to explore a more beautiful world than ever. You can now see your entire game at once! Scroll up if you need to see what happened last turn.


You can spread the word about Danger World from your home screen now.


We've updated our Privacy Policy and our End User License Agreements.


We added a new pull to refresh mechanism, courtesy of the Liquid Pull To Refresh project.


What's new? Now we can tell you!


Danger World is live on the app stores!

Want to learn more about Danger World? Start at our home page!

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